Kitchen Revolution That Starts At The Finnish

Consider the technological advancement of the car from the 60’s to today and what do you discover? That it’s evolution over that period has been a […]

Granite Worktops suitable for outdoor use

I was contacted by a journalist this week who wanted my take on an upcoming feature in a popular Kitchen Magazine. The subject, Silestone worktops that have been utilised in an outside area and were installed two years ago. The client remains happy with the surfaces enough to allow them to be featured in the magazine yet perhaps what they are unaware of is that they are not covered by the Silestone warranty.

Which worktop should I choose for my new kitchen?

I’m a man on a mission at the moment. I’ve been scouting around the news websites such as the Guardian and the Telegraph analyzing their Home articles

Interior design: the right ingredients for a perfect kitchen

Had to chuckle at the responses to yet another article in The Telegraph online that got my back up. It’s worth reading only before reading my take on it below. ‘Interior design: the right ingredients for a perfect kitchen’

Corian vs Earthstone – some truths

I spent much of my time recently researching the rival Solid Surfaces that are on offer at the big DIY retailers here in the UK. Before I begin...

Advice on building regulations Part P

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