Installing Kitchen Wall Units

Okay. The cabinets have arrived. You feel so confident that you’ve arranged a dinner party for the weekend.

Installing kitchen appliances

If installing a kitchen was like building a car then it’s time to fit the engine, in this case the appliances. Kitchens, like cars, depend upon the quality of the appliances to give a more efficient performance.

How to design a perfect kitchen on a budget

My response to a Telegraph article by an Interior Designer about How To Design The Perfect Kitchen On A Budget 25/4/13

Which worktop should I choose for my new kitchen?

I’m a man on a mission at the moment. I’ve been scouting around the news websites such as the Guardian and the Telegraph analyzing their Home articles and in particular those that cover the subject I know a bit about – Kitchens. If the Guardian hadn’t closed their comment section on their “Which Worktop Should I Choose For My New Kitchen” article I’d have added my reply but they did so below are my thoughts on the popular choices available.


Exploring eco-Friendly Kitchen Worktops?

I’ve lost count of the number of Kitchen Worktops that were introduced into the UK market in a blaze of glory and all with claims of being the big game changer that will pose a threat to the established favourites like Corian or Silestone.

More often than not, they fade from memory, not because they’re inferior to their big cousins, though many are, but because they don’t receive the same airplay or publicity drive. Big promotional budgets, without doubt, help to brand a product and maintain its position in any given sector.

Before Embarking on that Journey for a New Kitchen

Today’s buyers have a wealth of research tools at their disposal as they set off on the hunt for a new kitchen and in a marketplace where there’s huge competition to win your business there’s never been a better time to make savings.

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